Well, it’s been one of those years; I’m often reminded by my family that I’ve spent more time away over the last 10 months than at home…

Unfortunately that’s resulted in limited updates, but here’s a brief appraisal of what we’ve been up to:

Nepal – Nov/Dec 2017

This four week period commenced with two weeks supporting engineering students who were working with https://www.challengesabroad.com.au to examine earthquake resistant housing in urban and rural Nepalese communities. This very satisfying time was allowed by two weeks in the spectacular Annapurna Sanctuary region where I was testing the efficacy of a small home-made radar for slope stability assessment.

This work remains ongoing but we ultimately hope that it will culminate in validating a small, cheap home-made radar that can be used for slope stability assessment in remote alpine areas.

New Zealand – Jan 2018

Following Christmas it was off to New Zealand for 5 weeks, two weeks of which were spent in the wider southern Alps: firstly examining access to Mt Sabre in the Darran Mountains in Fiordland National Park before then returning to “McCallum’s Tarn” near Lake Man in the Lake Sumner Forest Park in Canterbury to collect sediment deposits (via inflatable boat this time, not via diving) and to collect temporal temperature records and rock samples for luminescence dating. All in all a most rewarding time that entails return visits, both to Fiordland and Lake Sumner as well as back to the Bonar Glacier in Mt Aspiring National Park to re-examine glacial thickness and movement.

Greenland – Apr/May 2018

After some necessary university teaching time it as off to the Store Glacier in Green
land as part of the RESPONDER team, see: https://www.erc-responder.eu

This month of fieldwork saw us undertaking active seismic and GPR work at two sites on Store Glacier to determine preferred drilling locations for a subsequent campaign that followed us in the 2018 summer. Bad weather hampered our work but amidst many deals we managed to achieve all desired work which was very satisfying. A good place to hopefully get back to in the future.

Europe – Jun/Jul 2018

June brought a far less remote conference in Paris allowed by an extensive family tour of Europe. Limited remote area science and engineering was achieved but reconnaissances of the Dolomites, the Eiger, Vesuvius and numerous other remote and mountainous places occurred, laying the groundwork for future operations.

What’s to come?

Fortunately, things have eased off over the last few months.

In November we’re undertaking GPR assessment of Indigenous burial sites in western Queensland and in the new year it may be back to New Zealand and then to the Arctic for a big multinational expedition…

Please watch this space to keep tabs on what we’re up to; thank you for cxing in…

Interested in the pursuit of remote area science & engineering, and the empowerment of people...

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