What’s cooking…

Things have been a bit quiet on the adventure front recently, but with the university semester now safely underway, it’s time to consider future remote-area data gathering opportunities. Future possibilities include:

  • A return to the Bonar Glacier in NZ with revised GPR equipment to nail-down ice thickness,
  • Reassessment of the Outer Edge Polar Challenge: what is the vehicle and sponsorship state and over what timeline can this innovative wind-powered polar scientific expedition succeed?
  • Deployment and testing of the ‘home-built’ avalanche radar in the Himalaya; awaiting funding to pursue this,
  • Development of a lightweight, transportable CPT rig for deep field polar site investigations; awaiting funding from numerous sources to prosecute this work, and
  • Collaborating with a forthcoming North Pole expedition on weaving lightweight intimate science into the envisaged programme…


Plenty to crack-on with.

Please get in touch if we can assist with your remote-area data gathering requirements…

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