Planning afoot…

Part of this business entails constantly seeking future opportunities in which to practise remote area science & engineering.

Projects take time to evolve but currently, the following projects are being progressed:

  1. GPR assessment of Mt Everest North Face,
  2. Radioglaciological assessment of the Bonar Glacier, NZ; a revisiting of a previous study site,
  3. Greenland man hauling traverse incorporating ice-cap geophysical assessment,
  4. Venture North 2018 North Pole Expedition to conduct sea-ice and polar oceanographic research,
  5. Geophysical/geotechnical assessment of Fiji’s sand islands, and
  6. The Outer Edge Polar Challenge; revised snow-sailer design and identification of future expedition opportunities.


It’s likely that not all of these will come to timely fruition.

However, please watch this space re. where next we’ll be┬árefining our remote area data gathering expertise…

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