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Remote Area Science & Engineering

Remote Area Science & Engineering was established in 2013 to facilitate the acquisition of scientific and engineering data from remote areas of the world. There are remote-area logistics providers and there are remote-area scientists, but Remote Area Science & Engineering combines these facilities to both plan and prosecute your remote-area data gathering.

  • Who

    Adrian McCallum is the owner of Remote Area Science & Engineering. With his extensive networks he will solve your remote area problems.
  • Contact

    Contact us for your remote data gathering needs: or leave a message in the box below.
  • ABN

    ABN: 65 256 795 826
  • What

    We have experience in the acquisition of geotechnical, geophysical, oceanographical and meteorological information from around the globe.
  • Disciplines

    Geohazards Geophysics Geotechnics Glaciology Meteorology Oceanography
  • Where

    We have experience operating from the Arctic to Antarctica, the high mountain ranges of the world, offshore and many places in-between.
  • Locations

    Africa Antarctica Arctic Ocean Australia Greenland Himalaya New Zealand Papua Patagonia Svalbard
  • When

    With over twenty years experience in remote area project management we look forward to providing your remote area data gathering solutions today.

Powermonkey Expedition

Powertraveller’s Powermonkey Expedition looks like a great bit of kit for remote area battery charging; hopefully we’ll have one to test in NZ:¬†
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NZ glaciological expedition

Currently preparing for an expedition to Mt Aspiring in the NZ Southern Alps. We’re putting our own radar together to assess ice thickness which along with velocity and extent should give some insight into local glacier behaviour. A typically interesting mix of field work, logistics and technical data collection.
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